Why does Dubai have hundreds of abandoned supercars?

What kind of person leaves a $2 million Ferrari Enzo rotting in the desert? Turns out, someone who just had a horrible epiphany about their auto loan. (Credit: Ferrari.montada.haraj.com.sa)

Each year, hundreds of exotic cars – from new Rolls-Royces to $2 million classic Ferraris – are left abandoned in Dubai. Oftentimes, the keys are even left inside. What gives?

The prevailing theory is that foreign business people bought these cars to impress their friends and clients. Then, when they learned that defaulting on a loan is a crime in the UAE – and they could be jailed indefinitely until the loan is paid – they flee the country.

Now, can you selflessly adopt one of these poor abandoned supercars? Technically, yes, but you’ll save time and import taxes by visiting a “local” auction.

Chris Butsch, Contributor